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It is our 62nd Independence day and Our home land that was a new born baby in the hands of Quaid-e-Azam is now an Old Person. The 62 year life of Pakistan was not an easy one it was filled with hurdles, Problems, Struggle, hatred. People tried to damage it so many times, also they tried to destroy its image in the World by wrong propaganda, Some enemies try to make it a lost World in the World map but My homeland did not allow them to do so ! because we have the back of the ALMIGHTY ALLAH, He always help us, he always blessed the Green home land and at every time when the country face problems the Nation stands together and reunite for one cause and for one name that is , PAKISTAN. I wish all my PAKISTANI brothers and sister where ever they are a very happy independence day and let us all join hands together for the prosperity and integrity of the homeland that has gave us so much and it is our duty to make it a pride for us! REALLY PROUD TO BE A PAKISTANI and i want the world to know that Pakistan is a peace loving country and those who do not want it to be prosperous are trying to destroy its image by doing unpeaceful activities but we will fight for peace in the World until our last drop of blood ! We are peaceful but we will never allow any one to disgrace our homeland. Lets make the World People's Paradise.

Glitter Graphics

Glitter Graphics

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Ibn Hanif said...

I appreciate your thoughts and love for Pakistan.