Iconic moments and personalities have defined Pakistan and made it what it is today, for better or for worse. presents archival snapshots of the speeches and funerals, contracts and characters that shaped this nation in the first three decades of its history.

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Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah delivering a speech as Lord Mountbatten looks on.

Singing of the national anthem for the first time.

Liaquat Ali Khan, elected as first prime minister of Pakistan, visiting a PAF Base.

Fazal Mahmood after the first ever cricket victory over England at Lord’s in 1954.

Ayub khan in discussion with Fatima Jinnah, popularly known as Madar-e-Millat (Mother of the nation).

Gen Yahya Khan touches a horse as Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat looks on.

Lt Gen A. K. Niazi of Pakistan (R) surrenders his forces to Lt. Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora (L) of the Indian army in December 1971, marking the separation of East Pakistan.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, founder of Pakistan People’s Party, took over as the country’s president in 1971 and was later elected as the prime minister.

Gen Zia ul Haq with a farmer in Punjab.

Benazir Bhutto elected as the first female prime minister of Pakistan.

Photo: Scientists #1

Scientists at the Chagai Hills test site pose for a photograph on 28 May 1998. At extreme right behind the scientists is Prime Minister Naawaz Sharif.

Pakistan Test Nnuclear Ghauri Missile

Pervez Musharraf Resigns

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