"Love letter from a mathematician"

"My Dear Love"

Yesterday, I was passing by your rectangular house in trigonometric lane. There i saw you with your cute circular face, conical nose, parabolic chin and spherical eyes, standing in your triangular garden. Before seeing you my heart was a null set but when a vector of magnitude love fall on it, it has no free space on its 3D plane, please add ne in your heart and subtract all the angriness and divide your happy moments to multiply my Life hours because you + me = happiness forever. I miss you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Only Yous.......... ANTIDERIVATIVE.


Ibn Hanif said...

Assalamu alaikum, where are you, Zindagi?
Kia apko yad hai ap hamaray blog ki team member hain?

Ap tau sister aisay ghayeb hui hain jaisay apne hamain apni zindagi se minus ker dia ho....
I'm waiting for your new posts at "Guiding Friends".
May Allah Bless You!

Ibn Hanif said...

Salaam Zindagi, I appreciate your idea of bringing all your posts on a single blog.