I know you are there
Little bird,
Covered by rich green, talking to the tree
Yes, a talking tree!

I know you are hiding
Little ant,
Under the solid brown, listening to the song
Yes, the singing earth!

I know you are relaxing
Tiny drop of rain,
Inside the airy white, hearing the laugh
Yes, a laughing cloud!

I know you are dancing
Little bee,
Beside fresh colors, joining a prayer
Yes, a praying flower!

I know you are breathing
Little fish,
Deep in the wide blue, amazed by stories
Yes, the Historian Ocean!

I am sitting in my room
Seeing you all in the heart of my eye
Praising the work of God
Wishing to add more before I die

Talking tree
Singing earth
Laughing cloud
Praying flower; and
Historian Ocean
Let me join you, and be sublime
Praising God till the end of our time!


Ibn Hanif said...

Great Poetry! What a beautiful poem to praise Allah. May God Bless You.
Thanks so much for sharing with your readers.

nothingprofound said...

Magnificent! The playfulness, the jocularity, the love of nature and life.

IH said...

Zindagi, I am back, I've read the poem again. And I appreciate it again too.

Huzaifa said...

great poetry dear.. keep it up. :)

Dangsulaeman said...

just visiting time to my blogcatalog's friend's blog/web..

salam kenal from Indonesia