Dreams do not die. AHMED FARAZ

Dreams do not die.
Ahmed Faraz January 14, 1931 - August 25, 2008

Dreams are not heart, nor eyes or breath
Which shattered, will scatter (or)
Die with the death of the body.

Dreams do not die.
Dreams are light, voice, wind,
Which cannot be stopped by mountains black,
Which do not burn in the hells of cruelty,
Ensigns of light and voice and wind,
Bow not, even in abattoirs.

Dreams are letters,
Dreams are illumination,
Dreams - Socrates,
Dreams - Mansur!'

Khwaab maratay nahiin
Khwaab dil hain, na aankhe'n, na sanse'n
ke jo
rezaa, rezaa huwe to bikhar jaayenge
jism kii maut se ye bhii mar jaayenge
Khwaab maratay nahiin

Khwaab to raushanii hain, navaa hain, havaa hain

jo kaalay pahaaron se rukaty nahiin
zulm kii dozakho'n se bhii phukatay nahiin

raushanii aur navaa aur havaa ke aalam
maqtalo'n men pohunch kar bhii jhukatay nahiin
Khwaab to harf hain

Khwaab to nuur
Khwaab suqraat
Khwaab mansuur hain


Asim said...

Well, its really true, I think. The positive approach of the poet is the essence of the Ghazal.

Nilofer said...

Simple thoughts and beautifully written by the poet and thanks for the transalation...

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Nothing Profound said...

Thanks for sharing yet another great and intriguing work.

queen said...

great blog very nice posts keep post some more stuff from ahmed faraz and faiz ahmed faiz

Farrukh Iftikhar Siddiqui said...

Thanx for your footprints on my blog. You have done a great job!

Anonymous said...

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