Dont Come back Ahmed Faraz

English Translation of Us ne kahaa sun by AHMED FARAZ

She said: listen

She said: listen
Don't come back if
you think it
to fulfill your promise.
People with obligations are
either compelled or
are tired of separations.
Go and fulfill others' desires
and fall in love with other women.
I will not call you.
But when you burn inside
with the blaze of wanting me,
needing me,
and your heart weeps,
you can then
come back to me.

(original) Us ne kahaa suno

Us ne kahaa sun
Ahad nibhaane kii Khaatir mat aana
Ahad nibhaane vaale aksar majaburi ya
Mahjuri ki thakan se lauTaa karte hain
Tum jaao aur dariyaa dariyaa pyaas bujhaao
Jin aankhon mein Duubo
Jis dil mein bhi utro
Meri talab aavaz na degii
Lekin jab meri chahat aur meri Khvahish ki lau
Itni taiz aur itni uunchii ho jaaye
Jab dil rode
Tab lauT aanaa ..!


Ellie Great said...

Nice photo but everybody wants to be loved.

Nothing Profound said...

Another wonderful poem. Is the poet contemporary? Send me a shout at:

Zindagi said...

Yes ellie you are absolutely right but poet shows the sentiments and sacrificing nature of women.

N.P : it is a great loss for us that this poet is no more but his poetry will always be there.

Nilofer said...

Nice poem. Keep it up. I will waiting your new post.

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whisper said...

Beutiful. Faraz used to be my favourite and probably still is. Can we have something from Faiz too ?
Un ginat sadiyoun kay bahimana tilism,
resham, O, atlas, O, kum khab may....
I would love to read English Translations of Faraz and Faiz