Strange Beauty tips for men and women

Puffy Face, Get a Tea Bag

If you have sensitive skin that is sometimes irritated and results in puffiness, then steep a green tea-bag for a minute or two, let cool, then dab it on your face. The antioxidants in the tea bag will reduce the inflammation.

Dried Out, Get Diaper Cream

If you suffer from dry spots, try putting diaper rash cream on them, it will heal cracked elbows feet.

Rough Dry Feet, Get fish

A popular trend in China, Japan and Turkey, that if you have dry rough and cracked feet then they soak them in a small pail filled with hundreds of miniature fish that will then eat the dead skin off your feet. These fish are called doctor fish or gara rufa and they are completely harmless except for eating dead skin.

Dry Pits-Exfoliate Them

If your underarms start to feel dry and flaky, exfoliate them with a gentle face scrub to keep skin smooth and natural looking for those sleeveless days. It will also help to properly absorb residue from underarm deodorant.

Need a Shave, Use Hair Conditioner

Run out of shaving cream then double up on the hair conditioner. It will soften the hair making it easier to shave and leave your legs feeling silky smooth.

Got a Blemish, Dab on Honey

Cover the blemish with a dab of honey then cover with a band-aid. The honey will kill the bacteria, keeping the skin sterile, which will help the healing process.

Feeling Rough, Slap on an Avocado

Remove the pit and skin from an avacado and mash it in a bowl. Slather the mashed avacado all over your body and let sit for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse off. Your skin will be smooth and soft. Avacado is a natural moisturizer.

by: debra mann

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