so you can stay with me for a little while.!

I wake up each morning
ready to start the day
my first thoughts are of you
and how you are away.

I pull the covers back over me
and drift back off to sleep
because there in my dreams,
you're there for me to keep

I don't have to say goodbye
I don't have to be blue
I don't have to walk away
I can stay right there with you

We are happy and holding hands
smiling, looking at each other
knowing that this feels so right
and there will never be another

Yes, in my dreams you're always there
and you always make me smile
so I'll just sleep a little bit longer
so you can stay with me for a little while.

1 comment:

Kunjubi said...

I am so much impressed by the way you write yr poems so effortlessly. So inspiring and touching. Keep this trend .You are a promising debutante. Alla karim.. cheers. kunjubi