streaking lightly one side

Streaking your hair involves many steps and also uses bleaching of your hair and adding stripes of color.

Streaking Bands
Streaking Bands

There are many different methods of adding stripes of color in your hair. Highlighting is a method where two shades of hair, are added, by bleaching out and adding two different colors that blend together when hair is dry. Streaking on the other hand, uses larger areas to color that appear to be bands in the hair. This also requires bleaching out of the hair, but streaks can be placed only on one side, or as narrow or wide bands. Bands can also be more than one color, so it is not unusual to see red and blue streaks.


Using Foil

  1. Buy strips of foil in any Beauty Supply Store
  2. Select the size Streaking Brush needed for the size of the streaks.
  3. Decide how many streaks you want, and whether you want them on one side or on both sides of the head.
  4. Brush the bleach only on the strands of hair desired you want to be streaked.
  5. Fold the foil flat over the hair and set the timer according to the directions.
  6. Open the foil when the timer goes off, wash the bleached strips, pat them dry and now add the color onto the bleached out streaks.
  7. Set the timer for the time instructed, when it goes off, remove the foils and wash your hair,
  8. Buy the Streaking Kits that come complete with everything needed including the bleach. Some also include the brush. Follow the instructions carefully.

Using a Cap

  1. Buy a streaking cap at any beauty supply store. At the same time purchase the bleaching products you use.
  2. Pull the streaking cap over dry hair. The caps only comes in one size so make sure that it fits.
  3. Pull small groups of hair strands, as far up as the roots, through the holes with a crochet hook, or the hooks they sell in the beauty supply store.
  4. Realize that the more holes you use, the more streaks you will have. Use less holes, and less hair to get less streaks.
  5. Brush on the bleaching product to those strands of hair that are standing up from the cap.
  6. Apply the bleaching product to the strands of hair that have been pulled through the cap using a small brush.
  7. Wait the amount of time specified on the product packaging depending on how light you want the streaks to be.
  8. Rinse your hair and make sure all the solution is removed before removing the streaking cap,.
  9. Buy the Streaking Kits that come complete with everything needed including the bleach. Some also include the brush and the cap. Follow the instructions needed

Things You Need

  • A Streaking Kit of your choice for either method.


  • Follow the directions in the Highlighting Boxes for best results.
  • These instructions are meant to give you an idea of how to put the streaks in your hair at home. The directions on the boxes are geared to the specific strengths of the product itself.


  • Do not apply the product too heavily. Follow the directions inside the box.
  • Do not use a curling iron.

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